What materials are the catheter mandrels made of?

Catheter mandrels’ material commonly used in the industry for processing are: 1) stainless steel wire, rod or tube; 2) silver-plated copper wire; and 3) PTFE wire, rod or tube. The advantages and disadvantages of the three different materials are as follows: Stainless steel wire, rod or tube has good dimensional retention (including outer diameter, roundness, […]

How to Choose Catheter Mandrel?

When selecting materials for tip forming machine catheter core pins(catheter mandrel), we should consider the following aspects: Strength and Rigidity:  The material used for catheter core pins should be strong and rigid enough to maintain shape stability during the catheter tip molding process. Higher strength and rigidity ensures that the catheter core pin can withstand […]

What are Catheter Mandrels?

The catheter mandrel is an elongated metal rod that is shaped to match the final catheter lumen. It plays a key role in the catheter manufacturing process.  The following are the functions of the mandrel in the catheter production process: Support structure: The primary role of the mandrel is to provide support and stability during […]

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