Polymer-coated guidewire Introduction and selection

In recent years, the use of spring-coated whole section of bare metal guidewire is becoming less and less common, and instead, the surface of the metal wire is coated with polymer materials (mainly polyurethane or PTFE and fluorine materials) that are more histocompatible and hemocompatible. This method of passing the polymer wire not only replaces […]

Five machining processes for Catheter Mold and Mandrels

The following are 5 machining processes for Catheter Mold and Mandrels: CNC machine tool machining: First, CNC machine tools are a type of automated machining equipment. They can control the movement trajectory of the tool and the machining parameters through pre-programmed instructions. Additionally, for the machining of cathetermolds and mandrels, common CNC machine tools include […]

Catheter Dies

What is catheter dies? Catheter Dies (also called catheter molds, Tip molds) play a vital role in medical device manufacturing. As the core tool for catheter tip forming, it has undergone several innovations to adapt to evolving medical technologies and market needs. Why catheter dies are important in catheter technology innovation? We divided into three […]

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