How Guidewire Tip Forming Machine Work?

Guidewire tip forming machine is a device specifically designed to create precise round tips at the end of guidewires. These tips are usually made of thermoplastic material, and they minimize damage to the blood vessels when the guidewire is inserted into the body. Below is a comprehensive explanation of how the guidewire tip molding machine […]

How to Choose the Catheter Tipping Machine: Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing Guide for  Catheter Tip Forming Machine 1.Determine your needs Production Volume: Your anticipated production volume will influence the decision to select a manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic model. Catheter size: Different medical procedures require different sizes and shapes of catheter tips, choose a machine that can produce the required size and shape. Materials: Ensure […]

Guidewire Tip Forming Machines: The Basics You Need to Know

Coated guidewires are widely used in interventional procedures due to their good biocompatibility and low coefficient of friction. A coated guidewire tip forming machine is a device specifically designed to attach a plastic layer to the tip of a metallic guidewire. This equipment is able to precisely control the thickness and shape of the plastic […]

Which trade shows to buy catheter/guidewire production equipment from China?

China is an important base for large-scale global manufacturing and medical device production, and has many specialized trade shows that can be a good platform for finding catheter production equipment and making industry contacts. Below are some of the exhibitions you may be interested in: 1.Medtec China (China International Medical Device Design and Manufacturing Technology […]

Medical equipment manufacturers-CatheterMelt

Catheter Melt is one of medical equipment manufacturers and famous with their catheter tipping machine. Tip Forming Medical equipment Tip Forming medial equipment are used to precisely shape the tip of catheters. It equipped with a high-precision thermal control system. That allows the plastic catheter tip to be heated to softness by thermoforming technology. And […]

How much do tip forming machines cost?

The price of a tip forming machine depends on a number of factors, including the machine’s level of automation, accuracy, production capacity, brand, and any special technical requirements. Prices can range from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the complexity of the machine and the manufacturer’s positioning. A simple […]

Catheter Manufacturing Equipments

Catheter production equipment is specialized machinery and equipment used to manufacture medical catheters. CCMELT is one of catheter production equipments manufacturer in China. The types and functions of these devices vary, often depending on the type of catheter and application. Below are some common catheter production equipments: Tip forming Machine: Function: Used to mold the […]

Balloon catheter tipping

Balloon catheter tipping is a technique where the tip of a balloon catheter is precisely shaped during the manufacturing process. A balloon catheter is a medical device that is widely used in interventional medical procedures such as angioplasty, thrombus aspiration, and coronary stent placement. These catheters have one or more expandable balloons that are used […]

How to Choose Catheter Tipping machine?

How to choose catheter tipping machine? Here are some considerations that I have summarized after helping hundreds of companies choose catheter tip forming equipment. We can divide it into two parts: pre-purchase preparation and Considerations when purchasing. Following me to know more tips. Pre-purchase Preparation of choose catheter tipping machine 1.Determine your specific needs Product […]

Emerging Materials for Catheter Manufacturing

In the realm of catheter manufacturing, emerging materials are being explored and utilized to enhance performance, functionality, and biocompatibility. The advancements in material science have led to the development of new classes of materials that can better meet the stringent requirements of medical applications. Here are detailed examples of emerging materials for catheter manufacturing: Biocompatible […]

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