What is a composite catheter?

Composite catheter is a medical catheter made of two or more different materials that have been combined with each other through lamination or other processes to provide a combination of performance and functionality not possible with a single material. These materials can be plastics, rubber, metals, fibers, or other high-performance materials. Composite catheters are typically […]

Catheter Laminating Machine

CCMELT Catheter Laminating Machine is a compact machine. It designed for use in a bench or laboratory environment and specifically for the lamination of medical catheters. This machine is typically used to add multiple layers of material to the surface of a catheter or to cure multiple layers of material into a single structure to […]

Ureteral stent tip forming

What is ureteral stent? The ureteral stent is a hollow, slender tube with a single end (j stent) or double ends (double J stent) and a circular bend. The front end can be sealed (single-end open) or unsealed (double-end open), and there is a drainage hole in the middle of the tube wall. Ureteral stents are […]

What is a ureteral stent?

Ureteral stents, also known as double-J tubes and pigtail tubes, are about 2mm in diameter and 24-28cm in length, and are made of silicone or polyurethane, which is safe, non-toxic and has little body rejection. Some of the ureteral stents also contain special temperature-sensitive materials, which can become softer at body temperature, so that they […]

What is a zebra guidewire?

Zebra guidewires are usually made of metal or polymers and have an elongated shape and flexible properties. Their main role is to guide and position other devices such as catheters, balloons and stents in the heart vessels. Zebra guidewires are unique in that their surface is covered with a black and white texture, similar to […]

What is a contrast catheter?

Catheter is a flexible hollow tube that can be inserted into a duct, body cavity, or blood vessel. It usually consists of a caudal hub and a distal tubular body, which may be straight or in different curved shapes, with a tapered or non-tapered head end. Interventional contrast catheters are a large classification of medical […]

What is a contrast guidewire?

Guidewire is one of the basic instruments for coronary intervention, which is used to enter the coronary artery or cross tortuous, calcified, stenosis, collateral circulation to reach the target, to establish a track to deliver balloons, stents and micro catheters; for guidewire upgrading or downgrading techniques to open coronary artery occlusive lesions; to enter the […]

Classification of Sheaths

Catheter sheaths are the most utilized access devices for transvascular interventions. It can be said that basically all vascular interventions use catheter sheaths to establish the surgical access, therefore the selection of catheter sheaths for successful establishment of the surgical access is essential for the success of the intervention. The catheter sheath can be used […]

What is guide wire size?

The size of the guide wire usually guides the size of the outer diameter of the wire. It is usually expressed in inch or millimeter. Guidewires are guiding instruments used for the introduction of the catheter system, and for this reason, the units of guidewire diameter coincide with the units of catheter lumen diameter, which […]

What is a central venous catheter?

Central venous catheterization is an interventional procedure and treatment using large veins of the body, such as the superior vena cava and inferior vena cava, which can be used to directly and rapidly infuse a large amount of fluids into the circulation, or for long-term intravenous nutrition or intravenous antibiotic treatment. The main purpose of […]

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