Flashless and Burr-Free Catheter Tip Forming Machine

The Catheter Tip Forming Machine is a machine specifically designed for the manufacture of medical catheter tips, featuring a one-time molding of the catheter tip without the need for an additional deburring step. This means that the precision of the molding process is very high, and the design and build quality of the molds must […]

catheter tip no need trim

Catheter tip no need to trim means that the catheter tip has been optimized during the manufacturing process so that the finished product does not require any additional trimming or deflashing after production. cathetermelt catheter tipping machine is capable of this ideal production situation, which not only increases efficiency and reduces costs, but also improves […]

Deflash catheter tip

“Deflash catheter tip” refers to a fine machining step used in the production of medical catheters to remove tiny plastic residues or burrs (flash) that may be present on the catheter tip. During the plastic molding process, especially injection molding and extrusion molding, the material may form tiny excess edges, or burrs, at the separation […]

No-flash catheter tip

“No-flash catheter tip” refers to the special care taken during the manufacturing process to ensure that the catheter tip is free of unwanted plastic residue, also known as “flash”. Flash is a thin or protruding edge that can occur during the molding of plastic or rubber, usually at the point where the two halves of […]

Precision-molded catheter tip

“Precision-molded catheter tip” means manufacturing accuracy and precise control of tip shape. These catheter tips are made using our advanced molding techniques to ensure that the shape, size and surface smoothness of the tip meets specific medical specifications and performance requirements. Precision molding techniques are essential to ensure the safety and efficacy of catheter insertion […]

Smooth-finish catheter tip

Smooth-finish catheter tip is a term similar in meaning to clean-finished catheter tip, which also emphasizes the high-quality finish that the catheter tip receives during the manufacturing process. A smooth-finished catheter tip reduces patient pain and tissue damage and aids in proper catheter placement and manipulation. Smooth-finished catheter tip has the following advantages: Reduces tissue […]

Burr-free catheter tip

“Burr-free catheter tip” is an important medical device quality attribute, especially for devices that come into contact with the patient’s body. The term indicates that the catheter tip has been machined during the manufacturing process to be smooth and free of excess material or sharp edges, which reduces the risk of damage to blood vessels […]

Clean-finished catheter tip

“clean-finished catheter tip” describes a characteristic of the catheter tip that emphasizes the smooth, defect-free surface of the catheter tip after manufacturing. This characteristic is critical to minimizing complications with catheter use, improving smooth catheter insertion, and increasing patient comfort. Clean-finished catheter tip forming machine Machine Size 480*330*275mm Heating Range 50-500℃ Temperature Accuracy +/- 2℃ […]

Long Taper Catheter Tip Forming System

Long taper tip molding is a relatively complex process, primarily due to the specificity of its requirements in terms of catheter tip shape and precision. A long taper tip typically refers to a catheter with a tapered end, similar to a cone, but with a longer extension compared to a standard short taper tip, which […]

Medical Catheter Sizes

Medical catheters come in a wide variety of sizes, depending on their use and the site of application. Catheter sizes are usually labeled in French size (Fr) or millimeters of outer diameter (mm). French size is a unit commonly used to measure the diameter of in vitro medical devices, especially catheters and tubing needles. 1 […]

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