Silicone catheter

Silicone catheters are made of medical-grade silicone material with good biocompatibility and have been increasingly used for routine clinical catheterization. The following is an introduction to silicone catheter structure type and molding process: Silicone catheter according to the structure: three-lumen, double-lumen, single-lumen, double-lumen and triple-lumen are catheters with balloon. Single-lumen catheter consists of a catheter, […]

Foley Catheter Tip forming Machine

Foley catheter belongs to the second category of medical machinery, is a kind of tube inserted into the bladder by the urethra in order to drain urine, mainly used for urinary retention or bladder outlet obstruction, urinary incontinence, need to be bedridden for a long period of time or forced position, perioperative surgical patients use. […]

Why guidewire needs hydrophilic coating?

What is Hydrophilic Coating? Hydrophilic super slippery coating is a hydrophilic polymer cured by UV on the surface of medical devices to form a stable hydrophilic crosslinked coating film, the polymer molecules contain hydrophilic groups, such as non-ionic (e.g., hydroxyl, amine group, ether bond, etc.) or ionic (e.g., carboxyl, sulfonate, quaternary amine group, etc.) and […]

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