Multi lumen tubing

Multi lumen tubing is a class of devices that are widely used in the medical field and have multiple independent flow pathways for performing different functions. Different types of multi lumen tubing vary based on their design, purpose, and placement. The following are some of the common types of multi-lumen catheters: CVC multi lumen tubing […]

Multi lumen Catheter

A multi-lumen catheter is a medical device that has multiple independent flow channels (lumens), each capable of independently performing fluid delivery or other functions. This design allows a single catheter to perform multiple tasks simultaneously without the need to insert multiple single-lumen catheters. thereby reducing patient discomfort and risk of infection. Multi Lumen catheter application: […]

Catheter Tipping Machine Manufacturers and Customers

When a customer needs to manufacture a catheter tip molding product, as a tip production machine manufacturer, we need to communicate the following points to the customer: 1. Product specifications :– Need to know the specific size, shape and tolerance requirements of the customer’s catheter tip.– Confirm the use of the product, as different applications […]

Closed loop control improve catheter tipping machine productivity and product quality

Closed-loop temperature control systems in tip molding machines improve productivity and product quality in a number of ways: 1. Precise temperature control:– Closed-loop systems can control and maintain the temperature required for the process very precisely, helping to reduce product defects caused by temperature fluctuations, such as uneven crystallization, stress concentrations, dimensional inaccuracies, and so […]

catheter tipping machine closed-loop temperature control

Closed Loop Temperature Control for catheter tipping machine require high-precision temperature control to ensure that plastics reach their desired physical state during processing. Closed-loop temperature control systems play a vital role in these machines and work in the following ways: 1. Temperature detection : Precision temperature sensors (such as thermocouples or RTDs) are used to […]

How to adjust the parameters of a PID controller for optimal temperature control?

The advantages of using PID temperature control in cutting-edge molding machines are as follows: 1. Precise temperature control: The PID controller can accurately adjust the heating and cooling process to keep the temperature stable during the molding process. This is crucial for producing high-quality, cutting-edge products, as small fluctuations in temperature can affect the quality […]

Advantages of PID control in catheter tipping machines

The advantages of  PID temperature control in the catheter tipping machine are as follows: 1. Firstly, Precise Temperature Control : PID controller can accurately regulate the heating and cooling process to keep the temperature stable during the molding process. This is critical for producing high quality tip products, as small fluctuations in temperature can affect the […]

What is PID feedback?

PID feedback is a common feedback control algorithm, and its full name is Proportional-Integral-Derivative feedback control. It is widely used in medical device production equipment, such as tip forming machines, catheter welding machines, catheter reflow machines, etc. Principle of PID feedback control: Proportional term:Generates a feedback adjustment amount proportional to the size of the error […]

Reliable, Repeatable Manufacturing Solutions

Automation of catheter tip manufacturing machines improves Reliable, Repeatable Manufacturing Solutions in several ways: 1. High-speed production: Automated machines work continuously and faster than manual operations, producing more catheter tips in a shorter period of time. 2. Reduced Human Error : Automated manufacturing processes reduce manual intervention, which reduces defects and inconsistencies due to operator […]

Catheter tip manufacturing machine

Catheter tip manufacturing machine is a machine designed to produce the tip portion of a medical catheter. In the medical industry, the quality of catheter tips is of paramount importance, as they come into direct contact with the patient’s body and have a direct impact on the effectiveness of treatment and patient safety. Therefore, catheter […]

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