3.2m Ultra-long medical guide wire coating machine

The Ultra Long Medical Guide Wire Direct Coater is a specialized machine for the production and processing of medical guide wires, the main function of which is to apply surface coatings to ultra long guide wires. The guidewire coating technology is a key step in improving the surface performance of the guidewire. The coating provides lubricity and reduces the friction between the guidewire and the vessel wall, making it easier to navigate through the human blood vessels.

  • Coating uniformity and adhesion are very important quality indicators in the production of medical guidewires. Direct coaters typically require the following features:
  • Precise coating control: the ability to accurately control the thickness and uniformity of the coating.
  • Stable speed control: The wire transfer speed needs to be stabilized during the coating process.
  • Long Distance Operation: Extra long guidewire direct coaters need to be able to accommodate different lengths of guidewire, so the machine is usually able to handle relatively long lengths of guidewire.
  • Drying and curing systems: The coated guidewire needs to go through a proper drying and curing process to ensure the stability of the coating.
  • Wide applicability: The machines are able to handle guidewires of different diameters and materials.
  • Clean operating environment: To ensure the quality of the coating, direct coating machines usually need to be operated in a clean room environment.
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