CatheterMelt-Manufacturing Easy-To-Use Catheter Machines

CatheterMelt is a brand of Changzhou rapid solutions Co.,Ltd. We specializes in the research, development and production of medical catheters and guidewire production equipments. We can provide customers with all kinds of medical catheter products from design, trial production to production of the whole technical support and solutions. 

Our products include: balloon welding machine, catheter tipping machine, hot air laminating machine, 3.2 meters long guidewire hydrophilic coating curing machine, tube cutting machine, punching machine and so on.

Changzhou CatheterMelt co.,ltd is located in Changzhou city, Jiangsu Province, Yangtze River Delta, with excellent geographical conditions, within the one-hour economic circle of Shanghai and Nanjing, and close to high-speed railways, highways, airports. Welcome customers visit our company.

Changzhou CatheterMelt co.,ltd is committed to making the best catheter equipments, consistently delivering high quality products to our customers in a timely manner, and providing a complete training system.


*competitive price

*Process development and validation support service

*Product sample prototyping or machine trial service

*Machines are kept in stock or short delivery time 

Catheter Reflow Machine
high frequency tip forming machine
ccmelt Catheter Bonding Equipment

Catheter Reflow machine

Catheter Tipping Machine

Balloon Catheter Bonder

Flip-top clamping and fixing conduit device, product feeding is simple, fast and convenient.

The heating nozzle is a ring-shaped air outlet, 360 degrees out of the air, heating evenly.

Guidewire as thin as 0.014″ and still perfectly formed

Catheter Diameter treatment range from 2Fr to 42 Fr

Excellent thermal insulation

Servo-controlled electric gripper

Easy to load balloon and pick up

ccmelt catheter machine factory4

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