Advantages of RF tip molding

Precise control
RF molding allows for very precise control of the heating process, which means that materials can be molded more accurately, especially when making complex or miniature catheter tips.

Consistency and repeatability
Because RF energy can be delivered uniformly to specific areas of the material, this method provides highly consistent and repeatable molding results.

Rapid Processing
Heating and cooling times for RF molding are typically shorter than traditional thermoforming methods, which can increase productivity.

Material Compatibility
RF molding is suitable for many types of thermoplastics, especially those that respond well to RF energy.

Energy Efficiency
RF molding is typically more energy efficient than traditional thermoforming because it directly heats the material rather than the entire environment or large metal molds.

When selecting a suitable molding method, the specific needs of the production need to be considered, including the complexity of the molding, the type of material, the scale of production, and the cost-effectiveness.RF tip molding offers options for high precision and efficiency, and is particularly suited to applications that require high quality and complex designs.

catheter tip forming dies
Catheter Tip Forming Machine RF welding

RF tip forming has numerous applications include: taper tips, radius tips, soft tips, closed end tips, dilator tips, sheath tips, flaring, neck downs, butt welds, overlap welds, multilumen applications, balloon tips and welds.

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