Angle tips

Angle tips for catheters are a special design for guiding the tip of the catheter, in which the tip portion is cut at an angle rather than vertically or straight cut. This design can provide a variety of clinical advantages, such as improved catheter guidance and maneuverability, easier passage through curved portions of blood vessels, and more precise targeting of specific anatomical structures.

Common types of ANGLE TIPS include:

Single Bevel Tip (Bevel Tip): The catheter tip is sharpened to a bevel and is typically used for easier access to blood vessels or tissues during puncture.

Double Bevel Tip (Bisector Tip): The catheter tip has two beveled surfaces that create a sharp point, which facilitates puncture.

J-Tip: The catheter tip is curved into a J-shape, which is used to minimize blood vessel damage.

cathetermelt angle tip

The design of these angle tips helps to minimize risk during manipulation and improves safety and efficiency during catheter insertion. Different types of angle tips are used for different clinical procedures and pathologies, and the physician will select the most appropriate shape of catheter tip according to the need.

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