Balloon catheter tipping

Balloon catheter tipping is a technique where the tip of a balloon catheter is precisely shaped during the manufacturing process. A balloon catheter is a medical device that is widely used in interventional medical procedures such as angioplasty, thrombus aspiration, and coronary stent placement. These catheters have one or more expandable balloons that are used to dilate blood vessels or other tubes.

The purpose of Balloon catheter tipping is to ensure that the catheter has the proper shape and size to facilitate smooth access and passage through the diseased area while minimizing damage to the vessel wall. The design of the Balloon catheter tipping is critical to providing stable propulsion, accurate balloon positioning, and reducing the risk of complications.

balloon catheter tip

Balloon catheter tipping solutions

The steps involved in Balloon catheter tipping solutions typically include:

Heating&Molding: The Balloon catheter tip is placed into a specifically shaped dies and heat by cathetermelt cm110 catheter tipping machine.

Cooling: After being in the mold or shaped, the balloon catheter tip needs to be cooled to cure the shape.

Inspection: After molding, the Balloon catheter tipping needs to be inspected to ensure that it is dimensionally accurate, correctly shaped, and has a smooth surface free of defects.

Catheter Tip Forming Machine RF welding

Heating Range: 50-500℃
Catheter Diameter Treatment Range: 2-42Fr for catheter
Tip Forming Length:0.5-25mm
Applicable Forming Material Applicable products: PVC, PEBAX, PU, LDPE, PP, PA, FEP and other thermoplastic polymers
Applicable products: CVC, PICC, Foley catheter, dilator, sheath, Ureteral Catheter, balloon,pigtail catheter and so on
Machine Configurations: PID temperature control Catheter tip forming machine; force control catheter tipping machine
Dies and Mandrels: Customized catheter tip forming dies and mandrels depend on the products

Balloon catheter tipping machine advantages:

  • Offer higher quality tip, no Burr, flash-less balloon catheter tip
  • Closed Loop Temperature Control :Better control and higher yield
  • Easy to change balloon catheter tipping dies
  • Small footprint: it can be integrated with automation platforms

Not only balloon catheter tipping machine but also balloon catheter bonder, we have experienced in balloon catheter area for balloon catheter manufacturers. 

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