Balloon tip catheter

Balloon tip catheter refers to the special shaping treatment on the tip portion of the balloon catheter to optimize its ability to pass through narrow blood vessels. This usually involves the following steps:

Choose the appropriate balloon material and design: According to the anatomical structure and lesions of the blood vessels, choose a soft and highly plastic material, such as polyurethane or silicone. The tip shape is designed to allow easier access to blood vessels.

To thermoform: Place the balloon tip in a balloon tip catheter mold and allow it to deform at high temperatures and maintain the desired shape. This improves the tip’s flexibility and ability to pass through stenoses.

Inspection and evaluation: Carefully check the shape, size, strength and other indicators of the tip to ensure that it meets the expected requirements. It can be thermoformed and adjusted repeatedly if necessary.

Connect to Catheter: Firmly connect the shaped balloon tip to the catheter body to form a complete balloon catheter device.

This balloon tip catheter technology can significantly improve the efficiency and safety of catheter passage through diseased blood vessels during PCI surgery. Professional doctors design and optimize according to specific situations to achieve the best clinical results.

balloon catheter tipping

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