Burr-free catheter tip

“Burr-free catheter tip” is an important medical device quality attribute, especially for devices that come into contact with the patient’s body. The term indicates that the catheter tip has been machined during the manufacturing process to be smooth and free of excess material or sharp edges, which reduces the risk of damage to blood vessels or other tissues during catheter insertion. It 5 importnat advantages.

  • Reduced trauma: burr-free catheter tips help reduce the risk of damage to blood vessel walls or other tissues during insertion and manipulation.
  • Improved patient comfort: The smooth surface of the catheter tip reduces patient discomfort and pain during insertion.
  • Enhanced maneuverability: The smooth catheter tip allows for easier navigation to the target location, especially in interventional procedures that require precision.
  • Infection prevention: The burr-free surface reduces the likelihood of bacterial adherence, thereby reducing the risk of infection.
  • Durability: The quality of the manufacturing of the catheter tip has a direct impact on its durability and performance, and the high standard of surface finish helps ensure long-term reliability.
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Flash-less catheter tipping machine

Machine Size


Heating Range


Temperature Accuracy

+/- 2℃

Tip Forming Length


Catheter Diameter Treatment Range

2-42Fr for catheter

Applicable Tip Forming material

PVC,PEBAX,PU,PP,LDPE,PA and other Thermoplastic Polymers

Applicable Products

PICC,CVC, Floey catheter, ureteral stent, dilator, sheath …

Catheter Tip Forming Machine RF welding
  • Small size, good appearance
  • Easy to change catheter tipping dies
  • Wide range of use,not only suitable for catheters, but also for guidewire tips.
  • High heating temperature, molds up to 500 degrees Celsius, can be used for high temperature material processing treatment
  • Fast heating speed, from room temperature to working temperature in 1-3 seconds.
  • Small temperature fluctuation range, can be accurately controlled to make high quality catheter and guidewire tips
  • Motorized control. Compared with pneumatic, the slider stroke adjustment and position more accurate
  • Color touch screen,easy to operate
  • High yield, no burrs on the products
  • No exposed heating part, operator safety

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