The importance of catheter tip flash less

The morphology of the catheter tip plays a significant role in catheter functions. Depending on the morphology of the catheter tip, the insertion force is improved when the catheter is inserted into the body and damage to the blood vessel wall is reduced when the inserted catheter moves in the blood vessel. In addition, the […]

How catheter tubing end forming work?

Catheter tubing end forming is to put the catheter tubing that needs to be shaped into a conical or circular mold, and shape the tip of the catheter tubing by heating. Its process: 1.Place the end of the catheter with the core needle inserted into the molding cavity of the tip forming mold. The mandrel […]

What is Induction Heating and Why CCMelt catheter tip forming machine uses this technology?

Induction heating is a non-contact electric heating process that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to heat conductive materials. Its method  is to transfer electric energy to the heated metal workpiece through the induction coil, and then the electric energy is converted into heat energy inside the metal workpiece. Induction heating relies on the unique characteristics […]

What is guidewire tip forming?

What is guidewire tip forming? Guidewire tip forming is also called guidewire distal end or proximal end forming. It is the process of shaping the end of a coated guidewire using a mold. In existing technology, There are generally three methods for processing the tip of the guidewire:               ●Manual welding type   ●Induction heating (or […]

CatheterMelt Guidewire tip forming machine manufacturer

CatheterMelt guidewire tip round forming equipment Technical Specifications: ●Power: 220v, 400w, 50Hz ●Heating Elements: 120-300w ●Heating Type: RF heating system ●Heating Range: 50-500℃ ●Air Pressure: 0.4-0.6MPa ●Guidewire outside diameter: ranging from 0.014″ guidewire and larger size ●Function: round tips end forming guidewires ●Tip Lengths: ranging from 0.2mm and longer ●Application: Guidewire coated with polymer material(PEBAX、TPU or other […]

CatheterMelt Guidewire Tip Forming Machine

CatheterMelt successfully develop guidewire tip forming machine. It meets the unique production challenges of Guidewire tips. *OD Range: Coated guidewire as thin as 0.014inch in diameter, still perfectly formed; *Geometry Configurations: Including rounded tips *Application: Zebra guideiwre, TPU guidewire, Loach guidewire, Guide wire coated with polymer material(PVC、PEBAX、PU、LDPE、PP、PA、FEP and other Thermoplastic Polymers) at the distal end […]

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