CM110 Catheter Tip Forming Machine Applications

CatheterMelt catheter manufacturing machines are designed to be flexible enough to be adjusted to accommodate the production of different sizes and dimensions of conduit. The unique design allows for easy changeover of change coils and molds to facilitate the production of catheters of different diameters, lengths and thicknesses. Example: Conduit Diameter Reduction Angle Tips Soft […]

Invitation to CMEF 2024 Shanghai at CatheterMelt Stand

Dear customers and partners: Greetings! The China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF)is a world leading medical and health technology platform, provides a comprehensive display of technological advancements and solutions from across the entire medical industry chain. CMEF is dedicated to industry trends, technological innovation, and fostering future business opportunities and development, contributing to the global advancement of the medical industry. Thank you for your continuous […]

Radius Tips

Radius Tips for catheters are a type of catheter tip designed in a rounded shape, in which the tip is bent at a specific radius to form a smooth round or semicircular endpoint. This design is intended to improve patient safety and comfort by reducing friction and damage to the vessel lining during puncture or […]

Angle tips

Angle tips for catheters are a special design for guiding the tip of the catheter, in which the tip portion is cut at an angle rather than vertically or straight cut. This design can provide a variety of clinical advantages, such as improved catheter guidance and maneuverability, easier passage through curved portions of blood vessels, […]

What are some common quality control measures implemented during catheter reflow manufacturing?

Quality control measures are critical in catheter reflow manufacturing to ensure that the final product meets all required specifications and is safe for medical use. Here are some common quality control measures implemented during the process:   ### Material Inspection Before the reflow process begins, the raw materials are inspected for purity, consistency, and compliance […]

What are some common challenges or issues that can arise during the catheter reflow process?

The catheter reflow process is complex, and several challenges or issues can arise that may affect the quality and functionality of the final product. Some common challenges include:   ### Material Incompatibility Different materials have different melting temperatures and may not bond well together. Selecting materials that are compatible for bonding is crucial. If incompatible […]

Catheter reflow process

The catheter reflow process is a manufacturing technique used to bond the multiple layers of a catheter’s shaft to create a unified structure. This process is essential for catheters that need to have specific characteristics, such as flexibility and strength, to navigate through the body’s vasculature.   Here is a detailed explanation of the catheter […]

Can you explain how the reflow process works in catheter manufacturing?

### 1. Catheter Assembly Catheter tubes are often constructed of several layers of materials, including a liner, reinforcement layer, and outer jacket:   – **Liner**: This is the innermost layer that contacts the fluids or devices passing through the catheter. It is usually made from materials with low friction, such as PTFE.    – **Reinforcement […]

What are some common materials used in catheter reflow?

In the catheter reflow process, a variety of materials are used to achieve different performance characteristics such as flexibility, kink resistance, torqueability, and pushability. Common materials include:   **Thermoplastics**: These are plastics that become pliable or moldable above a specific temperature and solidify upon cooling. Common thermoplastics used in catheter manufacturing include:    – Polyethylene (PE) […]

What is catheter reflow?

Catheter reflow is a process used in the manufacturing of catheters, where multiple layers of materials that make up the catheter shaft are bonded together. This process typically involves the application of heat and sometimes pressure to melt and fuse the layers, creating a single, integrated structure. The term “reflow” refers to the melting and […]

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