Catheter Bonding Machine

Catheter Bonding machine is capable of performing bonding or welding of various tube-to-tube and balloon-to-tube connections at higher speeds and with greater precision. Our machine production excels in mold and product positioning, enabling precise seamless bonding.

What is catheter bonding?

Catheter bonding refers to the process of melting and firmly bonding two tubes materials together using heat during the manufacturing process of medical catheters. This bonding process causes the two layers of material to fuse at the molecular level to form an integrated catheter structure. Catheter bonding ensures that the catheter is structurally stable during use and is not easy to separate or fall off. This is very important for ensuring the safety and reliability of the catheter.
The advantages of catheter bonding include: Extremely high connection strength and integrity. Better anti-peeling and anti-twisting performance.
Enhanced mechanical strength and reliability of the catheter. Improved production efficiency and product consistency.

What is Balloon Catheter Bonder?

Balloon catheter bonder is an equipment used in the manufacture of medical devices. It can weld medical balloons to catheter shafts.

Balloon catheter bonder connects one end of the balloon to catheter by thermal bonding. Thermal bonding is a welding method that uses heat and pressure to bring two materials into connect and fuse them together. Balloon Bonder typically feature precise temperature control systems and welding heads that allow temperature and pressure control to be tailored to specific welding requirements to ensure a quality and reliable weld.

Balloon catheter bonder plays an important role in the manufacturing of medical devices by firmly connecting the balloon to the catheter, ensuring the stability and reliability of the medical device during use.

It usually requires high-precision control systems, adjustable welding parameters, and suitable welding head designs to meet the welding needs of different types and sizes of balloons. It plays an important role in the medical device industry, helping manufacturers produce high quality, safe and reliable medical devices.

CatheterMelt is your reliable Catheter Bonding Machine manufacturer

Changzhou Rapid Solutions Co., Ltd. introduced the CM120 Catheter bonding machine. It retains the price advantage of balloon hot air welding machines, while surpassing traditional systems. This exclusive design minimizes heat-affected zones, preventing radiation, reducing material deformation and heat damage. Its performance rivals catheter balloon laser bonding equipment. Moreover, it offers simple operation, easy grasp, and is widely recognized and utilized in frontline production.


Servo force-controlled clamping jaws for very high welding precision and control.

Small heat affected zone

Unique patented design, different from the traditional hot air balloon welding machine, perfectly realizes smaller heat input and relatively small heat-affected area, which can reduce the material deformation and heat damage.

Easy To Use

The product is easy to put and take, simple to operate, easy to grasp and operate.

Price advantage

Drawing on the advantages of Balloon laser bonding equipment, but keep the price advantage of hot air welding machine, low investment costs, easy to use large-scale production.

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butt welds
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Braid to non-braid welds

Butt Weld

Balloon Bonding

Taper Weld

Tensile Test of Catheter Tube Welding
Tensile Test of Catheter Tube Welding catheter melt

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