Catheter Drilling Machine

What is the Catheter Drilling Machine?

The Catheter drilling machine is primarily utilized for drilling holes in medical catheters. It incorporates various components, including an X-axis for horizontal movement, a Z-axis for vertical movement, a spindle with an R-axis serving as the high-speed axis, and a rotating axis for clamping the catheter. Additionally, the drilling angle and spacing dimensions of the catheter can be autonomously programmed and saved in the PLC. Moreover, the waste generated during the drilling process is efficiently ejected from the drilling tool.

What's the difference between hole drilling machine and hole punching machine?

The main difference between a  drilling machine and a  punching machine lies in the method used to create openings or holes in the catheter.

A catheter hole drilling machine is designed to drill holes in the catheter using rotary drilling or similar methods. It typically utilizes a rotating drill bit or tool to remove material and create the desired openings. This process involves the removal of material through rotational motion to generate holes in the catheter.

On the other hand, a catheter hole punching machine uses a punching mechanism to create holes in the catheter. It employs a sharp or pointed tool that forcefully pushes through the catheter material, creating the openings. Punching machines apply pressure to the catheter to create precise holes with specific dimensions.

In summary, the main distinction is that a tube  hole drilling machine relies on rotary drilling to remove material and create holes, while a tube punching machine uses a punching mechanism to forcefully create the openings in the catheter.

Catheter Hole Drilling Machine

catheter drilling machine
catheter hole drilling
  • Size L x W x H: 490*400*425mm
  • Power: 220V, 400W, 50Hz
  • Air Pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa
  • Weight: 23kg
  • Drilling Diameter: 0.3-10mm
  • Applicable tube diameter: 3-45Fr
  • Drilling Type: Full round hole, side rotart drilling hole
  • Applicable Material: PTEF, ETFE, PU, FEP, PU, PVC, PA, PE, PC, LDPE, HDPE
  • X-axis stroke: 200mm
  • Z-axis stroke: 50mm
  • R-axis Speed: 6000 RPM


  1. Four axis control, the angle and drilling position spacing can be set.
  2. Spindle speed 6000RPM.
  3. With long catheter placement platform

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