Catheter Heat Forming Tools

Catheter heat forming tools are specialized equipment used in the medical device industry to produce a variety of catheter tip shapes. These tools are suitable for the thermoforming process, which creates precise catheter tips by heating and shaping catheter plastic or thermoplastic materials to meet the needs of specific medical applications.

Catheter Tipping Dies

Catheter Tip Forming Functions: catheter heat forming tools are used to form catheter tips to desired shapes and sizes such as round, beveled, closed or open tips. 

Catheter Heat forming tools are one part of Radiofrequency (RF) Catheter heat forming Equipment: Uses RF  energy to heat and form plastics, often for uniform heating and rapid production.

Catheter heat forming tools are capable of handling a variety of thermoplastic materials such as polyethylene, polyurethane, nylon etc.

For medical grade materials that require biocompatibility.

Cathetermelt Heat forming tools products display:

cathetermelt guidewire tips
butt welds
Catheter Diameter Reduction
catheter tip forming 1
cathetermelt soft tips
Catheter tip forming die Sheath Introducer Tips
cathetermelt dilator tips
multi-lumen catheter tip 960
closed end tip round
cathetermelt RADIUS TIP
cathetermelt catheter tip forming die CVC
Catheter Tip Forming Machine RF welding

Machine Size


Heating Range


Temperature Accuracy

+/- 2℃

Tip Forming Length


Catheter Diameter Treatment Range

2-42Fr for catheter

Applicable Tip Forming material

PVC,PEBAX,PU,PP,LDPE,PA and other Thermoplastic Polymers

Applicable Products

PICC,CVC, Floey catheter, ureteral stent, dilator, sheath …

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