Catheter Laminating Machine

The Catheter Laminating Machine is a compact machine designed for use in a bench or laboratory environment, specifically for the lamination of medical catheters. These machines are typically used to add multiple layers of material to the surface of a catheter or to cure multiple layers of material into a single structure to improve catheter properties such as pressure resistance, flexibility, chemical resistance, or specific surface characteristics.

Some of the key features of a benchtop conduit laminator may include:

  • Size: small enough to fit on a workbench for small batch production or R&D lab use.
  • Multi-layer lamination capability: the machine is capable of handling multiple layers of material to build catheters with complex structures and functions.
  • Temperature control: Provides precise temperature control to accommodate lamination conditions for different materials.
  • Pressure regulation: The pressure during lamination can be precisely adjusted to the material requirements to ensure good bonding between materials without causing damage
  • Speed setting: the lamination speed can be adjusted in order to adapt to different production requirements.
  • Time Control: The lamination time can be set to ensure that the material is fully heated and pressed within the appropriate time.
  • User Interface: An easy-to-use touch screen operator interface allows the operator to easily set parameters, monitor the process and troubleshoot problems.
  • Material Adaptability: A wide range of laminated materials can be handled, including polymers, plastics, metals and biomaterials.
  • Safety features: The equipment is designed with operator safety in mind and includes the necessary protective measures with safety locks, emergency stop switches, etc.

Fields of application

  • Benchtop catheter laminators are widely used for the production of catheters in the following medical fields:
  • Cardiovascular interventions: manufacture of catheters for cardiac interventions.
  • Neuro-intervention: manufacturing high precision catheters for brain intervention.
  • Urology: Production of catheters used for urological treatments.
  • Endoscopy: Manufactures catheters used for endoscopy.
  • Peripheral Vascular: Manufactures catheters for peripheral vascular interventions.

Application Scenarios

  • R&D and small batch production: Benchtop catheter laminators are ideally suited for the development of new products and the production of small batches, as they are often more flexible and easy to adapt.
  • Education and training: In an educational setting, benchtop machines can be used as a teaching tool for students to understand the process and techniques of catheter lamination.
  • Customized medical solutions: For composite catheters that require special designs, benchtop laminators can be used to experiment and produce customized solutions.
  • CatheterMelt hot air catheter laminators are key equipment for achieving high quality and precision in medical catheter production, and they play an important role for the medical device industry, especially in the cardiovascular and endoscopic fields.

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