Catheter Laminator

What is Catheter Laminator?

Catheter laminator is a specialized equipment for manufacturing composite catheters. Moreover, it utilizes the principle of different melting points and thermoplasticity of polymer materials. Additionally, it wraps multiple polymer materials around another material to enhance flexibility and strength, resulting in tubing products that meet various usage requirements.

The working principle of the conduit Catheter lamination machine involves generating high temperature through electric current and heating the air flow. Controlled by the circuit system, the air flow reaches the required temperature and heats the tube through the air nozzle. This causes the heat shrinkable tube to shrink and the outer tube to melt, fixing the inner tube as a whole.

Catheter lamination machine can be classified into horizontal and vertical shapes. It can also be categorized based on productivity as single-station or multi-station assembly machines. Operators can adjust the distance, speed, and temperature using the touch screen to suit different catheter requirements.

Overall, the Catheter lamination machine is a specialized machine in the medical industry that ensures even heating, eliminates problems like air bubbles or delamination, and enables consistent production of high-quality products. It reduces the need for manual labor and improves overall production efficiency.

CatheterMelt is your reliable Catheter Laminator manufacturer

To meet the growing market need for catheter laminating systems, Cathermelt has developed the CM80 Catheter lamination machine. In addition, this equipment incorporates an internal air tank with PID temperature control and built-in rulers and fiducial marks. As a result, it provides the most humanized, easy-to-use, safe, and validatable benchtop equipment available.

With the CM80 Catheter lamination machine, users can efficiently adjust the fixture length position, enabling the rapid production of high-quality catheters with minimal scrap rates. This makes it an ideal choice for a production environment where speed, precision, and quality are critical factors.

Easy to use

  • Cathetermelt’s catheter lamination machine comes with a ruler and datum marking for quick adjustment of the nozzle travel distance.
  • Flip-top clamping and fixing conduit device, product feeding is simple, fast and convenient.
  • PLC and color touch screen operator interface control all mechanical functions and provide program storage.

Features and Capabilites

  • Built-in unidirectional stabilized gas tank and PID control makes the temperature fluctuation very small. Realize the stable output of hot air flow, avoiding the traditional use of compressed air as a source of air due to fluctuations in the heating uniformity and stability of the impact.
  • The heating nozzle is a ring-shaped air outlet, 360 degrees out of the air, heating evenly. And we design different air nozzles for you according to the characteristics of your products.

Superior Performance

  • Cathetermelt catheter lamination machine has superior heating uniformity and stability to achieve higher production efficiency and more convenient operation.
  • CM80 catheter lamination is especially suited to lean production work cells, R&D departments and small batch production environments.
  • Compact footprint which saves cleanroom space
  • Repeatable, high quality results


Hot Air Nozzle

●Customizable to meet specific needs
●Interchangeable heat nozzles
●Wide range of models and styles available

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