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Dear Partners/Prospective Customers.

We are pleased to introduce CCMelt – a leading Catheter Machine Manufacturer in India, specializing in providing high quality and precision medical catheter production equipment. Our mission is to contribute to the growth of the global medical industry through our innovative technologies.

About CatheterMelt

CatheterMelt carries years of rich experience in the medical equipment manufacturing industry and our team consists of specialized engineers, designers and technologists who are committed to develop and manufacture catheter machines that meet international standards. We understand the high standards required by the medical industry and use this as a basis for designing and manufacturing equipment that meets stringent medical regulations.

Our Product Advantages

1. Precision Manufacturing : Our catheterization machines are known for their high precision and repeatability, ensuring that each catheter product meets the strict standards of the medical industry.

2. Technological innovation : We utilize the latest automation and control technologies to increase productivity while ensuring ease of operation.

3. Customized Solutions : We offer customized machine solutions to fit our customers’ specific production needs and process requirements.

4. Comprehensive service support : From installation to training to maintenance, we provide our customers with a full range of services to ensure optimal machine performance.

Success stories and customer testimonials

We serve medical device manufacturers around the world and have received positive feedback from these partners. Our case studies and customer testimonials reflect the reliability and superior performance of our equipment.

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about how CatheterMelt can help take your medical device production to new heights, please contact us:

Phone: +86 15961192873

At CatheterMelt, we are committed to being your trusted partner, providing exceptional catheterization machines and unparalleled customer support. We look forward to working with you to drive progress and innovation in the healthcare industry.

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