Catheter Manufacturing Equipments

Catheter production equipment is specialized machinery and equipment used to manufacture medical catheters. CatheterMelt is one of catheter production equipments manufacturer in China. The types and functions of these devices vary, often depending on the type of catheter and application. Below are some common catheter production equipment:

Extrusion Machine:

  • Function: Used to extrude plastic or other materials and form the base tubing of the catheter.
  • Characteristics: Can be adjusted to the diameter of the conduit and material properties.

Molding Machine:

  • Function: Used to mold the catheter, including tip molding, connection part molding, and so on.
  • Features: Provides a variety of molding processes to ensure that the geometry of the conduit meets the design requirements.

Welding Machine:

  • Function: Used to weld different parts of the conduit to ensure the structural integrity of the conduit.
  • Features: Provides different types of welding processes, including heat fusion welding, ultrasonic welding, etc.

Injection Molding Machine:

  • Function: Used to inject plastic or rubber into molds to manufacture parts and accessories for catheters.
  • Features: Suitable for producing small parts for catheters.

Drawing Machine:

  • Function: Used to draw and shape conduit to specific length and diameter requirements.
  • Features: Provides a highly accurate drawing process to ensure conduit consistency.

Assembly Line:

  • Function: Assembles individual catheter components to form the final catheter.
  • Features: Can be automated to improve production efficiency.

Inspection and testing equipment:

  • Function: To perform quality inspection and performance testing of catheters to ensure that they comply with medical industry standards and regulations.
  • Characteristics: Including a variety of testing instruments, such as size measuring instruments, pressure testers and so on.

Cleaning and sterilizing equipment:

  • Function: To clean and sterilize catheters to ensure that they meet hygiene standards.
  • Features: Different cleaning and sterilizing processes are available, including automated cleaning systems.

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