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About CatheterMelt

CatheterMelt specializes in manufacturing and supplying state-of-the-art Catheter Manufacturing Machines to the medical device industry in India and globally. Our product line covers the entire catheter manufacturing process, from raw material handling to final product inspection, with a focus on technological innovation to improve productivity and product quality.

Product Line

Our range of machines includes:

– Hot Air Laminators : Suitable for laminating a wide range of composite catheters, ensuring high efficiency and product consistency.
– Tip Forming Machines : Provide precise heat treatment and molding to create specifically designed catheter tips.
– Punching Machines : High precision punching for creating customized catheter apertures.
– Balloon Welding Machine
– Long Guide Wire Coating Machine
– Catheter Ring Cutting Machine

Services & Support

– Customized Development : We customize machine configurations to ensure that the equipment is perfectly suited to the production needs of our customers.
– Global Installation : Our technical team provides worldwide installation and commissioning services.
– Operator Training : We provide detailed operator manuals and training to help customers quickly master the use of the equipment. Maintenance : We provide regular and emergency maintenance.
– Maintenance: We provide regular and emergency maintenance services to ensure production continuity and stability.

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