Catheter Tip Forming Die

What is Catheter Tip Forming Die?

Catheter tip forming die is a tool used to manufacture the shape of catheter tips. They are typically made of wear-resistant materials and are precisely designed and processed to ensure that the shape and size of the catheter tip meet the required specifications.

CatheterMelt is your reliable Catheter tip forming die manufacturer

We specialize in providing customized catheter tip forming dies and mandrels for your production line. Furthermore, to ensure exceptional quality, our product development initiates with an in-depth technical engineering analysis, meticulously handled by our team of experienced engineers.

Strict criteria for material selection
Firstly, when selecting materials for catheter tip forming dies, we insist on strict criteria, utilizing high-performance alloys. Additionally, heat treatment enhances durability in harsh conditions like abrasives.

Customer-Centered Design Philosophy
Secondly, our customer-centered design philosophy focuses on practical applications. Moreover, easy disassembly and mandrel replacement not only improve productivity but also control inner diameter size and prevent burrs.

Leading Manufacturing Technology
Thirdly, by leveraging leading manufacturing technology, including CNC machines, we ensure the utmost accuracy of catheter tip forming dies. Furthermore, our multi-location facilities and innovative metal fabrication capabilities help us maintain our leadership position.

Diverse Product Configurations
Fourthly, we offer diverse product configurations. For instance, nickel-based molds are designed for precision cutting, while stainless steel molds prioritize durability. Additionally, hardened alloy molds are tailored for harsh conditions, and carbide catheter tip forming dies are ideal for extreme scenarios.

Comprehensive after-sales support
Lastly, our comprehensive after-sales support encompasses maintenance training and supplies. Additionally, our engineering team is readily available to provide technical support and offer optimization recommendations.

Catheter Tip Forming Die

What catheter tip forming die can we make?

CatheterMelt can offer catheter tip forming dies for 2-42Fr catheter. Moreover,  our catheter tip forming dies has numerous applications include: taper tips, radius tips , soft tips, closed end tips , dilator tips,  sheath tips ,  flaring,  neck downs,  butt welds, overlap welds,  single/multilumen applications, balloon tips, welds and custom applications. On the other hand, we also can make guidewire tip forming dies from 0.014″-0.038″. Above all, If you have the following requirements, please feel free to contact us. 

Catheter Diameter Reduction
cathetermelt angle tip
cathetermelt soft tips

Catheter Diameter Reduction

Angle Tips

Soft Tips

Variable Catheter Lumen Diameter

Central Venous Vatheter Melt Tips

Radius Tips

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