Catheter Tip Prototype Samples

Creating Catheter Tip Prototype Samples is an essential step in the development and manufacturing of medical catheters. These prototypes allow for the testing of design, function, and usability before mass production. CatheterMelt has experienced to help catheter factories make Catheter Tip Prototype Samples. Here’s an overview of the process and considerations involved in creating catheter tip prototype samples:

Design and Material Selection
1. CAD: Prototypes usually start with a CAD drawing to get the precise dimensions and shape of the catheter tip.
2. Material Selection: The choice of material is critical and will depend on the intended use of the catheter. Common materials include various grades of plastics, silicone, and sometimes metals for certain components.

The following are some Catheter Tip Prototype Samples:

Central Venous Vatheter Melt Tips

Radius Tips

Variable Catheter Lumen Diameter

Catheter Diameter Reduction
cathetermelt angle tip
cathetermelt soft tips

Conduit Diameter Reduction

Angle Tips

Soft Tips

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