Catheter Tipping Dies Manufacturer

CCMelt is Catheter Tipping Dies Manufacturer. We specialize in the design of dies and forming molds to suit clients’ requirements.Our degreed engineers evaluate your products’ requirements (catheter’s tip forming diameter, material, shape) and then design catheter tipping dies to assure meeting expectations. The catheter tipping dies design can prevent distal flash in most tip configurations.

CCMELT catheter tipping dies manufacturer Details:

1. Years of service in the industry:The average industry work experience of engineers is more than 10 years.

2. Delivery time: 2 weeks lead time

3. Processing capacity: CNC, EDM, wire cutting, deep hole drilling, milling machine, drilling machine, grinding machine.

4. After-sales service: provide technical support and mold maintenance services throughout the life cycle.

5. Only high-strength and wear- and corrosion-resistant alloys are selected for use in our dies.

6.We achieve a mirror finish on even the smallest (less than 2Fr) ID tip forming surfaces with excellent release properties.

7.CCMELT offers 2-42Fr catheter tipping dies and 0.014″-0.038″ guidewire tipping dies.

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