Catheter Tipping Machine Preheating Process Operating Recommendations

Following the recommendations below will help ensure that your catheter tip forming machine ‘s preheating process is both safe and effective, resulting in increased productivity and product quality.

1. Read the manual: Carefully read the equipment manual and manufacturer’s instructions before performing any operations. Different equipment and different materials require different preheat times and temperature settings.

2. Follow procedures: Follow the manufacturer’s recommended preheating procedures. Do not try to shorten the preheating time to speed up production, as this may damage the equipment or reduce product quality.

3. Set the temperature correctly: Set the preheat temperature accurately for the type and thickness of material being used. 4.

4. Use temperature sensors: Use built-in or external temperature sensors to monitor the actual temperature of the equipment to make sure it matches the set preheat temperature.

5. Temperature uniformity : Ensure that all relevant parts of the molding machine have reached the preheat temperature to ensure temperature uniformity throughout the molding area.

6. Gradual Temperature Increase : If possible, set the molding machine to increase the temperature gradually to avoid thermal shock.

7. Maintaining Stability : After reaching the target temperature, keep the machine running at that temperature for a period of time to ensure the thermal stability of the whole system.

8. Safe Operation : Always consider the safety of the operator. Ensure that there are no people or flammable objects around the machine during preheating operation.

9. Energy saving measures : If possible, use energy saving measures such as insulation to reduce energy consumption and maintain preheating efficiency.

10. Check the condition of the equipment : Before starting production, recheck the condition of the equipment, including the temperature distribution, the proper functioning of the mechanical parts, and the stability of the control system.

11. Sample Inspection: Before formal production, produce a few samples to check whether the molding quality meets the standard.

12. Data Recording : Record critical data during preheating and production, which will help in process control and future quality improvement.

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