Catheter Tipping machine produces mini catheters

CatheterMelt catheter tipping equipment can produce mini catheters with mini catheter of 2Fr. Below are the three difficulties we have summarized and shared in our production.


  1. Precision and tolerance control

Miniature catheters are very small in size and require extremely high precision and tolerances. The molding machine must be able to control it precisely to produce a catheter tip that meets tight specifications.

Process control must be very fine to ensure continuity and repeatability.


  1. Design Complexity

Miniature catheters may have complex design features such as microscopic holes, thin walls, or special tip designs that require high precision molding machines to achieve.

The design must meet the needs of the clinical application involving functionality and implantability.


  1. Temperature management

Temperature control during microcatheter molding must be very precise, because too high or too low a temperature can damage the tiny catheter tip.


In summary, the production of microcatheters requires highly sophisticated equipment, strict process control, and an experienced team to overcome the above challenges. This requires manufacturers to innovate and invest in technology, training and quality assurance programs to ensure that their products are safe for clinical applications and meet regulatory requirements. CatheterMelt is your premium supplier.

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