Catheter tipping machine seals Multi-lumen tubing

Tip forming machines are specialized machines used to manufacture medical catheter tips, and play a key role in the production of multi-lumen tubing in particular. These machines mold one end of a catheter through thermoforming or other processing techniques to create a specific shape and smooth surface suitable for medical use.

Why tip molding machines are needed:

1. Patient safety: The tip must be smooth to avoid unnecessary tissue damage during insertion.
2. Functionality: A specific tip design helps the catheter to be placed correctly and to fit the specific area inside the body.
3. Precision : Each lumen of a multi-lumen catheter has a specific purpose and the tip molding must ensure that the function of each lumen is not compromised.

Characteristics of multi-lumen catheters:

– Multi-lumen catheters contain two or more parallel lumens that can be used to simultaneously deliver different fluids or instruments, or to perform both delivery and discharge functions.
– These catheters are typically made of composite materials with different physical and chemical properties to meet specific medical requirements.
– Each lumen may require independent tip molding for its specific function.

Key technical parameters of a tip molding machine:

– Temperature control : The heating temperature must be precisely controlled as different materials have different thermoplastic properties.
– Pressure control: The pressure applied during the molding process needs to be precisely controlled to ensure accurate shape without damaging the catheter.
– Time control: The heating and cooling times also need to be precisely controlled to obtain optimal molding results.

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