Catheter tube end tipping pvc machine

Catheter tube end tipping PVC machine is a specialized device used in the medical industry to heat and form the tips of PVC catheters. The tipping process involves heating the end of a PVC tube and then shaping it to create a rounded, closed, and smooth tip, which is essential for patient safety and comfort.

Here is how the catheterMelt machine works and the steps involved:

Loading and positioning
1. Loading: The PVC catheter is manually or automatically loaded into the machine’s positioning device.
2. Positioning: The catheter is precisely positioned to ensure that the heating and molding are applied to the correct area.

1. Heating elements : The machine is equipped with specially designed heating elements, such as resistance heaters or high frequency induction heaters, for localized heating of the ends of the PVC conduits. 2.
2. Temperature control : The heating process is precisely controlled by a control system to ensure that the PVC is heated to the proper temperature so that it softens but does not burn or decompose.

Tipping Molding
1. Tip Mold : The heated end of the conduit is pushed or pulled into the forming mold.
2. Pressure Application : By applying mechanical pressure or vacuum suction, the softened PVC fills the inner cavity of the mold to form the desired tip shape.
3. Flip : In some models, a mechanical arm may be used to flip the end of the catheter for better tip formation.

Cooling and Curing
1. Cooling: The formed catheter end needs to be cooled quickly to cure the shape, this is usually done by blowing cold air or by placing the catheter end in a cooling mold.
2. Curing: The cooled PVC conduit end will retain its molded tip shape.

Removal and Inspection
1. Removal: The cooled and cured catheter automatically returns from the heated position for easy removal. 2.
2. Inspection : The tip of the catheter is visually and dimensionally inspected to ensure compliance with quality standards and specifications.

Control System
– Control Panel : The operator can set the heating time, temperature, pressure and other parameters through the control panel to suit different specifications of PVC catheters.
– Level of Automation : Modern CatheterMelt Tube End Turning PVC machines may have a high level of automation, capable of loading, heating, forming, cooling and unloading the catheter automatically, increasing productivity and reducing manual intervention.

The CatheterMelt Catheter Tube End Reversal PVC Machine is a highly specialized machine that is capable of continuously producing high quality catheter tips that meet medical standards.

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