Characteristics of Different Wire Coating Equipment

Dip Coating Equipment

  • Suitable for guidewires that require thicker coatings or can be coated several times to achieve the desired thickness.
  • It can be used for hydrophilic and lipophilic coatings, especially when the coating does not require extremely high precision.

Spray Coating Equipment

  • Spray coating equipment is a good choice when a uniform coating needs to be applied to complex shapes or irregular surfaces.
  • The thickness and uniformity of the coating can be precisely controlled and is suitable for a wide range of coating materials.

Roll Coating Equipment

  • Roll Coating Equipment is an ideal choice for applications that require a highly uniform coating and high volume production.
  • It provides consistent coating thickness and is suitable for rapid production.

Electrostatic Coating Equipment

  • Electrostatic coating equipment is an effective choice when the coating needs to be very uniform and material utilization is required.
  • It is suitable for guide wires with conductive surfaces.

Slot drag coating equipment (Meniscus Coating Equipment)

  • For medical guidewires that require precise coating control, such as when coating thickness and edge finish are critical, slot drag coating equipment is very suitable.
  • Very thin and uniform coatings can be achieved.

Micro Coating Equipment

  • Micro Coating Equipment is a must when very fine coatings are required on guidewires, e.g. coating thicknesses in the micron range.
  • It is suitable for drug-eluting coatings that require precise control.

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