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Catheter closed end manufacturing services for catheter manufacturers

Catheter closed end tip refers to a configuration where the distal end of the catheter is sealed or closed. This means that there is no opening or passage at the tip through which fluids can flow. The closed-end tip is typically used in catheters that are intended for specific applications where fluid leakage or back flow needs to be prevented. It ensures that any fluid being delivered through the catheter can only exit through the side or multiple side holes along the length of the catheter, rather than through the tip itself.

How to make a mellow and full round, no scratch catheter close end tip? It needs precise design and good temperature control. CatheterMelt catheter tipping machine provides the advanced technology and experienced team to meet your requirements.

Catheter Tip Forming Machine RF welding

Catheter closed end manufacturing services for catheter manufacturers specification:

Heating Range: 50-500℃

Catheter Diameter Treatment Range: 2-42Fr for catheter

Tip Forming Length:0.5-25mm

Applicable Forming Material Applicable products: PVC, PEBAX, PU, LDPE, PP, PA, FEP and other thermoplastic polymers

Applicable products: CVC, PICC, Foley catheter, dilator, sheath, Ureteral Catheter, balloon,pigtail catheter and so on

Machine Configurations: PID temperature control Catheter tip forming machine; force control catheter tipping machine

Dies and Mandrels: Customized catheter tip forming dies and mandrels depend on the products


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