Q1. What inspired you to create a unique folded coater that has yet to be manufactured?

In the field of long guide wire coating, all the solutions are to divide the product into multi-section coating or the whole product vertical coating. The first solution increases manual turnover time, and there will be coating overlap at the junction of the two sections. In the second option, if the equipment is too long, it cannot be placed in a cleanroom with a regular height.

In response to this pain point, we thought of a folding coater, but what is the probability of success for this globally innovative machine?Why can our start-up company do well? We also questioned ourselves at the beginning. After a series of discussions and specific verifications, we felt that the folding coater was worth making, and it proved to be the case.

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Q2.How does the long guidewire coating machine work?

The guidewire is soaked in the container with tube A solution for a certain period of time.
Load the guidewire pulling fixture, guidewire and pass through the container with solution B.
Start switch button, and after the guidewire is dipped in A and B solutions, it moves to the UV lamp for curing. Then, it is folded and moved until the guidewire is completely coated. The lamp is automatically turned off, and the machine stops working.
Openthe fixtureand unload the product.

Q3.Will it damage the product when folding?

The guide wire is always in contact with the PTFE material throughout the whole process, and the swing range of the guide wire is reduced and the contact area is reduced through the design of the mechanism;
Through reasonable folding angle and structural design, the guidewire has the same effect as veticalcoating when viewed under a microscope.

Q4.What are the advantages of this machine,compared to the vertical coating machine?

Standard 2-meter-long equipment, coating length up to 3.2 meters;
The product thickness of the coating is uniform, and the coating will not overlap;
The coating thickness of the product is uniform, and the coating will not overlap;
Complete the coating of the whole long guide wire at one time, saving time.

Q5.What are the disadvantages of this machine, compared to the vertical coating machine?

During the folding process, the risk of product scratches or creases will increase, which puts forward higher requirements for manufacturers

Q6.There is a purchasing plan for this type of machine, what to do next?

Product proofing confirmation;
Confirmation of other details of the equipment;
Sign a business contract and deliver the equipment.

Q7.How to ensure that our product information is kept confidential and will not be seen by other peers?

Before doing this, we first confirm that we will not compete with customers and make products related to customers or contract-related products.

We can sign a standard non-disclosure agreement for products. The technology obtained during the communication process with customers will not be disclosed to third parties.

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