Q1. How does the hot air Catheter laminator work?

1. Firstly, place the catheter with the mandrel on the fixture and adjust the position.

2. Press the start button, the cylinder extends, insert the tube into the middle of the hot air nozzle to blow hot air, and stop blowing hot air and return to the original position after work is completed.

3. Open the fixture, take out the catheter.


Q2. Is the performance of CatheterMelt catheter laminator stable?

Through closed-loop temperature control, the thermocouple is directly placed at the outlet to measure the temperature, and with stable air pressure and wind speed, a suitable hot air nozzle design is matched, and the tube is always kept in the center position of the nozzle to avoid hot air turbulence in order to ensure stable performance of the tube.

Q3. Compared with similar products in the market, what are the advantages of CCMelt machine?

1. Built-in air tank to stabilize the air blowing pressure and PID temperature control.

2. This machine with rulers and fiducial marks, it is convenient for quick switching of different products

3. Simple structure, easy to adjust the fixture.

Q4.There is a purchasing plan for this type of machine, what to do next?

Provide free samples of the equipment.

Sign a business contract and deliver the equipment.

Q5.How to ensure that our product information is kept confidential and will not be seen by other peers?

Before doing this, we first confirm that we will not compete with customers and make products related to customers or contract-related products.

We can sign a standard non-disclosure agreement for products. The technology obtained during the communication process with customers will not be disclosed to third parties.

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