Force control tipping machine – newest technology in catheter tipping area

Force control Catehter tipping machine is the newest technology in catheter tipping area.

It utilizes force sensors or load cells to measure and regulate the applied force exerted on the catheter tip. This version allows for precise force control, ensuring consistent and uniform tip shaping. It is particularly useful when working with delicate or sensitive materials that require precise force management to avoid damage or deformation.

The force control version allows for accurate regulation of the applied force, ensuring consistent tip shaping, especially for delicate materials.
Damage Prevention: By controlling the force exerted on the catheter tip, this version helps prevent damage or deformation of sensitive materials.
Customizability: Users can fine-tune the force control parameters to meet specific requirements based on the material characteristics and desired tip shape.

Force control tip forming machine is the newest tipping technology and is suitable for various class III medical devices with high quality requirements, such as ICE catheters with radius ends, microcatheter, balloon tip, SEEG catheter and so on.

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