Frequently Asked Questions-CatheterMelt catheter tipping machine models

There are two models of cathetermelt catheter tipping machine and we list the frequently asked questions to figure out.

For the market catheter tipping machines, One of the main differences is its working principles. There are the time & power catheter tipping machine, closed-loop process control  catheter tipping machineand force control catehter tipping machine. Here’s the introductions of them:

1. What is Time & Power Catheter Tipping Machine?

The time & power version of the catheter tip forming machine operates based on pre-set time and power parameters. It allows the user to set the duration and intensity of the heating or forming process manually. The machine applies a fixed amount of power for a specified duration to achieve the desired catheter tip shape. However, this version may not have real-time feedback or control mechanisms to adjust the forming process based on dynamic factors. We have now retired this version, but considering the user habits, CM110-3B closed loop control version can be switched to this mode.

2. What is Closed-Loop Process Control Catheter Tipping Machine?

The closed-loop process control version incorporates feedback mechanisms to monitor and control the forming process in real-time. It utilizes sensors or other measurement devices to continuously measure critical process parameters such as temperature, pressure, or position. The machine compares these measurements to the desired values and makes automatic adjustments to ensure precise and consistent tip formation. This version offers enhanced accuracy, repeatability, and control over the forming process.

Catheter Diameter Reduction
cathetermelt soft tips
cathetermelt angle tip
cathetermelt guidewire tips

Catheter Diameter Reduction

Flashless Soft Tips

Ureteral Access sheath tips

Central Venous Catheter Melt Tips

Variable Catheter Lumen Diameter

3. What is Force Control Catheter Tipping Machine?

The force control version of the catheter tip forming machine focuses on controlling the force applied during the forming process. It utilizes force sensors or load cells to measure and regulate the applied force exerted on the catheter tip. This version allows for precise force control, ensuring consistent and uniform tip shaping. It is particularly useful when working with delicate or sensitive materials that require precise force management to avoid damage or deformation. These version suits for Class III catheters.

micro catheter tipping
balloon catheter tipping
multi lumen catheter tip forming
peek tube catheter tipping

1.8Fr Mirco catheter Tipping

Peek tube catheter tips

In summary, while the time & power version offers basic manual control, the closed-loop process control version provides real-time monitoring and adjustments based on sensor feedback, ensuring precise and consistent tip formation. The force control version emphasizes regulating the applied force to achieve accurate and uniform results, especially for delicate materials. The choice of version depends on the specific requirements of the catheter tip forming process and the desired level of control and precision.

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