Guide wire length

The guide wire length usually depends on the distance from the skin entry point to beyond the target area of the intervention. As well as the expected combined length of the catheter and sheath. Common guide wire lengths range from 80 to 260 centimeters, with 145 to 180 centimeters being the most commonly used.Meanwhile, The guide wire length should be twice the expected catheter length; this ensures that there is sufficient guide wire length for any situation that may arise during the procedure that requires catheter replacement.

Conventional guide wire length

Standard medical guidewire lengths usually range from 145-300cm.
This range meets the needs of most routine diagnostic and surgical procedures.

Minimally invasive guide wire lengths

For minimally invasive interventional procedures, shorter guidewire lengths are used, usually less than 150 cm.
The shorter length of the guidewire helps to increase flexibility and minimize the return of the guidewire within the body.

Dual lumen guide wires

Some specialized dual-chamber guidewires are available in lengths of 400 cm or more.
These extra-long guidewires are used for procedures that require crossing large distances, such as transabdominal aortic surgery.

Adjustable length guide wires

Some advanced guidewire designs can be adjusted in length as needed, typically between 100-300 cm.
This flexibility facilitates adaptation to different clinical applications.

Pediatric guide wires

For pediatric patients, guidewire lengths are usually shorter, typically 100-150 cm.
The design takes into account the size of the child and the characteristics of the surgical space.

In general, the length of the medical guide wire needs to be determined according to the specific clinical scenario,. Both to meet the needs of surgical operation and to take into account the physiological characteristics of the patient. Advanced guidewire designs offer greater flexibility in length.

Whatever guide wire length, Cathetermelt tip forming machine suits for all length distal and proximal end of guide wires.

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