Guidewire Tip Forming Dies

What is Guidewire Tip Forming Dies?

Guidewire tip forming dies is designed for forming the distal or proximal end of coated guidewires. Its Application configuration is round tips of coated guideiwres. 

These tip forming dies are specifically designed for CM110-3A guidewire tipping machines, enabling the production of R-angle round closed end tip shapes. If you are seeking to enhance the consistency and productivity of your guidewire distal and proximal round shape production, we encourage you to get in touch with us.

1. Our extensive inventory includes all series of 0.014″-0.038″ guidewire tip forming dies.

2. Simply provide us with a drawing for confirmation, and we will promptly supply you with a new die and the corresponding machine.

3. This solution is suitable for various types of guidewires, including zebra guidewire, Loach guidewire, Tpu guidewire, PTFE guidewire, and any other thermoplastic polymers coated guidewires.

4. With a stable process for both the machine and dies, the success rate approaches nearly 100%.

5. Experience high molding efficiency with a cycle time of under 15 seconds.

CatheterMelt is your reliable tip forming dies manufacturer

If you are still use adhesive process for guidewire distal and proximal end. It is better to use our technology to save the cost and increase the consistency.

Firstly, The adhesive process may not achieve high precision wire tip shaping, especially for complex shapes or small-sized wire tips. But our technology can do it.

Secondly, for adhesive process, Dispensing, molding and curing time are required. However , for our guidewire tip forming machine, each guidewire tipping process is within 15s. and Its consitency is close to 100%.

Last, Our technology improved cost-effectiveness. You may need several workers and several machines for adhesive process but use our technology, one is enough for the whole process. And in the same time, we can help you increase production.

Our Tip Forming Dies

guidewire tip forming machine dies
zebra guidewire tip forming machine

What tip forming dies we can manufacture?

CatheterMelt can offer 0.014″-0.038″ guidewire dies and catheter tip forming dies for 2-42Fr catheter. We can offer quick testing service for you. It is mainly used for the R-angle forming process at the distal and proximal ends of medical guidewires, including locah guidewires, zebra guidewires, Tpu guidewires and other versions. Our catheter tip forming dies has numerous applications include: taper tips, radius tips, soft tips, closed end tips, dilator tips, sheath tips, flaring, neck downs, butt welds, overlap welds, single/multilumen applications, balloon tips and welds and custom applications.

zebra guidewire tip forming machine 2
zebra guidewire tip forming machine 3

By incorporating these tip forming dies into your production process, you can achieve superior results in terms of precision, efficiency, and reliability. Contact us today to take advantage of these benefits.

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