Guidewire Tip Forming Machine

What is the Guidewire tip forming machine?

Guidewire tip forming machine is designed to form the end of a medical guidewire into closed end round shape. The tip forming of a guidewire usually requires a round shape to fit a particular application. Guidewire tip forming equipment precisely shape and adjust the guidewire proximal end and distal end to achieve the desired shape and function through heating, cooling, pressure, or other machining processes.

The design and operation of guidewire tip forming machine and guidewire tip forming dies are somewhat complex, requiring consideration of material properties, processing techniques, molding accuracy, and other factors. We have advanced processing technologies to ensure high quality and efficient molding process.

CatheterMelt is your reliable Guidewire Tip Forming machine manufacturer

In order to meet the growing demand for guidewire encapsulation & tip forming, changzhou rapid solutions co.,ltd has developed the  CM110-5A guidewire tip forming equipment. This machine can fast processing. We will provide professional training to teach you the exclusive guidewire Tip Forming Technique. Guidewire round tip qualification rate is as high as 99%.

0.014″-0.038″ Guidewire Tip Forming Equipment

*OD Range: Coated guidewire as thin as 0.014inch in diameter, still perfectly formed;

*Geometry Configurations: Including rounded tips

*Application: Guide wire coated with polymer material(PVC、PEBAX、PU、LDPE、PP、PA、FEP and other Thermoplastic Polymers) at the front end

zebra guidewire tip forming machine


1. Foot pedal actuate the switch for hands-free operation

2. Closed-loop process controls, Small temperature fluctuation range, can be accurately controlled.

3. Easy set up through touch screen

4. Cut your workspaces needs in half by using a small footprint guidewire tip forming equipment

5.You can only change the process parameters via password proteced screens

6.Save the validated process parameters into 1000″Easy Tap” recipe fields

7.Quickly replaceable molds of various sizes.

8. Motorized control. Compared with pneumatic, Precise forming stroke adjustment and position feedback.

How can we achieve guidewire tip forming process consistency?

  • Closed-Loop Process Control
  • Measure and maintain the forming temperature for process consistency
  • Measure and control RF power for optimum heating process curve
  • Precise control of forming stroke
  • Precise control of forming and speed
  • Precise control of forming pressure

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0.014″-0.038″ Guidewire Tip Forming Equipment

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