How catheter tubing end forming work?

Catheter tubing end forming is to put the catheter tubing that needs to be shaped into a conical or circular mold, and shape the tip of the catheter tubing by heating.

Its process:

1.Place the end of the catheter with the core needle inserted into the molding cavity of the tip forming mold. The mandrel prevents the formation of blockages.

2.Start the heat and pre-heat the tip molding mold

3.Clamps and pushes the tube into the mold with an air cylinder

4.Open the mold, take out the catheter

The mold is heated by RF energy. During welding, high frequency electromagnetic fields generate electrical currents that generate heat in the coil, bringing it to the forming die. After welding is complete, the forming die cools rapidly to form the shape.

CM110 Catheter Tip Forming Machine

Guidewire tip forming machine manufacturer

CM110 catheter tip forming machine numerous applications include:

Central Venous Vatheter Melt Tips

Radius Tips

Variable Catheter Lumen Diameter

Catheter Diameter Reduction
cathetermelt angle tip
cathetermelt soft tips

Conduit Diameter Reduction

Angle Tips

Soft Tips

CM110 catheter tip forming machine numerous benefits include:

  • High quality results and repeatable
  • Easy to set up
  • Quick and easy tooling change
  • Compact footprint which saves cleanroom space
  • Quantifiable and validatable process

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