How to Choose the Catheter Tipping Machine: Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing Guide for  Catheter Tip Forming Machine

1.Determine your needs

  • Production Volume: Your anticipated production volume will influence the decision to select a manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic model.
  • Catheter size: Different medical procedures require different sizes and shapes of catheter tips, choose a machine that can produce the required size and shape.
  • Materials: Ensure that the machine is capable of handling the catheter and tip materials of your choice, such as PP, PEBAX, PU and other thermoplastic polymers.

2.Technical parameters and performance

When selecting a machine, pay attention to the following technical parameters and performance:

  • Accuracy: The machine needs to have high accuracy to ensure that the tip shape meets the requirements. CatheterMelt catheter tipping machine has high accuracy for temperature control and we use torque sensor technology to keep the thrust is more accurate.
  • Reliability: The machine should run stably and be able to produce high quality products continuously.
  • Speed: the machine should work at a speed that meets your production needs.
  • Compatibility: The machine should be compatible with a wide range of different catheters and plastic materials. CatheterMelt tipping machine is not only suitable for catheters but also suitable for guidewires.
  • Adjustment and Setting: The machine should be easy and quick to change products or make adjustments.

3.Degree of automation

  • Manual machine: Suitable for small batch production and laboratory use.
  • Semi-automatic machine: suitable for medium production volume and requires some manual intervention. CatheterMelt catheter tipping machine belongs to this version.
  • Full-automatic machine: suitable for high volume production, which can significantly reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency.

4.Quality control

  • Inspection system: High-end models are equipped with an automatic inspection system to ensure that each product meets quality standards.
  • Traceability system: It should be able to trace the production data of each product.

5.Manufacturers and services

  • Manufacturer’s reputation: choose a manufacturer with high reputation and good user reviews. 
  • After-sales service: Confirm that the manufacturer provides long-term technical support and maintenance services.
  • Training: Ensure that the manufacturer provides adequate operational training. For every customer, we will have a operational and maintenance training When delivering the order. And our team offer 24H service for phone if you have any questions when using the machine.


Consider the overall cost of the equipment, including:

  • Purchase price: Compare with other equipment to ensure that the price/performance ratio is reasonable.
  • Running costs: equipment power consumption, maintenance costs and other operating costs. 
  • Consumables cost: the cost of consumables such as molds, tip materials, etc. 
  • Please feel free to contact us to know more. Email:

7.Safety and Compliance

  • Safety features: Ensure that the machine has the necessary safety features to protect the operator and the product.
  • Industry standards: the machine needs to comply with the regulations and standards of the medical industry.

8.Trial and Demo

If possible, ask the supplier to provide a demonstration or trial of the machine to assess whether its performance meets your needs. CatheterMelt offers sample proofing services and you can come to our factory to on-site verification before ordering the catheter machines.

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