How to clean catheter tipping dies?

How do you clean catheter tipping dies? And how to maintenance the dies?

All great questions that we’ll answer here.

For a little expert insight, I sat down with Phil, Founder of CatheterMelt, to talk about tips and advice on catheter tipping dies/molds cleaning.

how to clean catheter tipping dies

There are five primary cleaning methods to consider:

  1. General cleaning
  2. Chemical cleaning.
  3.  Ultrasonic immersion cleaning.
  4. High temperature cleaning
  5. Mechanical polishing

Each type of cleaning process can be used for different applications.

General cleaning

Regularly wipe and clean the surface of catheter tipping dies, using a soft cloth or sponge that won’t scratch the mold, along with a mild detergent. This will remove dirt and stains from the mold surface.

Chemical cleaning

For deeper dirt and residues, professional catheter tipping mold cleaners can be used for immersion cleaning. The cleaning agent can dissolve and remove the residual plastic materials, lubricants and so on. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning.

Ultrasonic immersion cleaning

By placing the catheter tipping mold in the ultrasonic cleaning tank, the powerful impact generated by ultrasonic oscillation can effectively remove the dirt in the tiny crevices inside the mold. This is a very efficient way of cleaning.

High temperature cleaning

For stubborn residues, high temperature can be used to clean off the residue without losing the inner wall.

Mechanical polishing

Mechanical cleaning refers to the use of mechanical force to remove stains and impurities from the mold surface. Specialized skills are required for precision grinding to prevent damage to the internal dimensions and smoothness of the mold.

Catheter Tipping Dies Maintenance

Catheter tipping dies maintenance are critical to achieving good performance. After cleaning catheter tipping dies, add some special mold oil to prevent rust. It is better to store the cleaned catheter tipping dies in a dry and cool environment. And Please avoid placing the catheter tipping mold in a hot, humid or dusty environment for a long period of time.

On the other part, reasonable use extend mold life. Operate the mold in accordance with the instructions and specifications, do not exert excessive force. and it is better avoid placing heavy objects or collision on the mold to avoid deformation. Meanwhile, Operators pay attention to the control of catheter tipping parameters, such as temperature, pressure, etc., to avoid excessive load on the dies.

Therefore, regular catheter tipping dies cleaning is a very valuable maintenance activity. It not only ensures product quality, but also improves production efficiency, and ultimately brings more economic benefits to the company. We should continue to pay attention to and continuously optimize mold use and maintenance.

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