How to control the release force applied to the catheter during the demolding process?

Controlling the release force applied to the catheter during the demolding process is critical to ensuring product quality and preventing damage. Here are some ways to control the release force:

1. Optimize mold design
– Drafts and radiuses: Include proper draft angles and radiuses in the mold design to help the conduit exit the mold more easily during demolding.
– Smooth surfaces: Ensure that mold surfaces are smooth to reduce friction.
– Uniformly distributed release points: Design a multi-point release system that distributes forces evenly across the product.

2. Controlling Mold and Plastic Temperature
– Temperature control: Control the temperature of the mold and plastic to ensure that the physical condition of the conduit is appropriate during demolding, neither too soft nor too hard.

Through the above measures, the release force applied to the conduit during the demolding process can be effectively controlled to protect the product quality and reduce the risk of damage. It should be noted that the control and optimization of the release force may require several trials and adjustments to achieve the best results.

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