How to determine which cause of catheter notching is responsible?

Determining the exact cause of a catheter edge notch usually involves a series of diagnostic steps and a problem troubleshooting process. The following are some of the steps involved in determining and diagnosing the problem:

1. Observe defect characteristics:
– Observe the undermolded catheter in detail to understand the location and shape of the defect.

2. Check the state of the material:
– Examine the raw material for problems such as insufficient drying, impurities, or lot-to-lot variation. 3.

3. Evaluate the status of the tip molding machine:
– Confirm whether the tip molding machine is operating normally, and check whether its pressure, speed and temperature control are accurate.

4. Mold condition analysis:
– Check the mold design, gate and runner system, and mold temperature control.

5. Process Parameter Recording :
– Check the production parameter records when the problem of insufficient mold filling occurs, and find out whether there is any change in injection pressure, speed, back pressure, plasticizing time, and so on.

6. Historical data comparison:
– Compare the parameters of previous normal production and the occurrence of defects to find out the possible changes.

7. Small Scale Tests :
– While keeping other parameters unchanged, adjust the parameters that may be affected one by one, such as injection pressure, speed, material temperature and mold temperature, etc., and observe whether the problem is improved.

8. Professional consultation:
– If the problem cannot be determined by your own diagnosis, consult a mold designer.

Improvement measures.

1. If the catheter notch is close to the body of the catheter, the thrust may be insufficient
2. If the catheter molding notch is near the end, it may be due to insufficient mold temperature.
3. If the problem appears suddenly: the equipment parameters may have been changed by mistake, or the mold or equipment may have failed.

Through the above diagnosis and judgment steps, you can more accurately determine the causes of insufficient mold filling of the catheter, and target to take corresponding improvement measures.

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