Long Taper Catheter Tip Forming System

Long taper tip molding is a relatively complex process, primarily due to the specificity of its requirements in terms of catheter tip shape and precision. A long taper tip typically refers to a catheter with a tapered end, similar to a cone, but with a longer extension compared to a standard short taper tip, which is designed to aid in catheter insertion and guidance, especially in narrow or tortuous anatomies.

The main difficulties in molding long taper catheter tips include:
Molding long taper tips requires precise control of the heating, cooling and stretching processes. Any small change in temperature or speed can result in inconsistencies in tip shape, size or wall thickness.

Catheter Tip Forming System For Long Tapered Tip Applications

Guidewire tip forming machine manufacturer

CM110 catheter tipping machine is designed to form up to 42Fr long tapered tip catheters.

The process uses an RF induction coil uniformly wound around the die for even mold heating and controlled plastic formation.

Specifications of Long Tapered Tip Forming System

Machine Size


Heating Range


Temperature Accuracy

+/- 2℃

Tip Forming Length


Catheter Diameter Treatment Range

2-42Fr for catheter

Applicable Tip Forming material

PVC,PEBAX,PU,PP,LDPE,PA and other Thermoplastic Polymers

Applicable Products

PICC,CVC, Floey catheter, ureteral stent, dilator, sheath …

Long Taper Catheter Tip Forming System Example

Catheter Diameter Reduction

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10 reasons of choose catheter tipping machine

  1. Small size, goodappearance
  2. Easy to change catheter tipping dies
  3. Wide range of use,not only suitable for catheters, but also for guidewire tips.
  4. High heating temperature, molds up to 500 degrees Celsius, can be used for high temperature material processing treatment
  5. Fast heating speed, from room temperature to working temperature in 1-3 seconds.
  6. Small temperature fluctuation range, can be accurately controlledto make high quality catheter and guidewire tips
  7. Motorized control. Compared with pneumatic, the slider stroke adjustment and position more accurate
  8. Color touch screen,easy to operate
  9. High yield, no burrs on the products
  10. 10.No exposed heating part, operator safety

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