Maintenance and Operation of Guidewire Tip Forming Machines: Best Practices Shared

Daily Maintenance

  • Cleaning: Clean the outer surface of the machine and the molding area after each use to remove dust and impurities.
  • Check fasteners: Periodically check all screws and fasteners for looseness and tighten as necessary.

Weekly/Monthly Maintenance

  • Check electrical system: Periodically check wires and connectors for damage, and confirm that there are no odors or abnormal noises in the electrical system.
  • Calibration: Periodically calibrate the control system of the molding machine to ensure processing accuracy.

Annual Maintenance

  • Comprehensive Inspection: Perform a thorough mechanical, electrical, and software system inspection to ensure that everything is operating according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Best Practices for Wire Guide Tip Forming Machine Operation


  • Training: Ensure that operators are professionally trained and understand the machine’s operating principles, procedures and safety protocols.
  • Inspect materials: Check guidewire and catheter materials for compliance with specifications and quality requirements prior to processing.

Operation Process

  • Setting parameters: accurately set the temperature, pressure, time and other parameters of the molding machine according to the processing materials and product requirements.
  • Trial run: carry out trial run before formal production to check the running status and molding effect of the equipment.
  • Real-time monitoring: During the production process, continuously monitor the molding quality and machine operation status, and adjust the parameters in time.


  • Inspection of finished products: After production is completed, the molded products are inspected to confirm that the dimensional accuracy and surface quality meet the standards.
  • Record keeping: Record production parameters, product quality data and any operational adjustments for future traceability and continuous improvement.
  • Shutdown procedures: Follow the shutdown procedures provided by the machine manufacturer to properly shut down the equipment and ensure safety.
  • By following these best practices, you can ensure the stable operation of your guidewire tip forming machine, extending its life while ensuring product quality.

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