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The Catheter Tipping Machine is a specialized medical device manufacturing equipment used to produce tips for various catheters. This equipment plays a crucial role in the final stage of catheter production, as the functionality and safety of the catheter depends largely on the quality of the tip.

The main functions of a catheter tip forming machine:

Heating and Forming: The machine uses controlled heat to soften the catheter tube ends and then uses a mold or model to form the softened material into the desired tip shape.

Bonding: The machine can bond individual components to the catheter tip, such as a balloon or soft tip, if the catheter design requires it.

Flaring or Edge Flanging: Some catheter applications require that the tip be flared outward to prevent tissue damage. Forming machines can be configured to achieve this shape.

Catheter tip forming machines are very flexible and can be configured to produce a wide range of different catheter tip shapes and sizes. This variety is necessary because different types of catheters are designed for different medical procedures. Below are some of the common types of catheter tips that can be produced on a catheter tip forming machine:

Round Tip: Used for standard infusion and drainage catheters.
Tapered Tip: Provides better tissue penetration and is commonly used for intubation or placement procedures.
Beveled Tip: A beveled tip design used for specific punctures and injections, such as puncture needles.
Spherical Tip: Reduces tissue damage and is commonly used for urinary catheters and cardiac catheters.
Flared Tip: Edges expand outward to prevent catheters from slipping out of the tissue.
Side Hole Tip: In addition to the end hole, holes are added to the side of the tip to disperse fluid flow or to improve suction capacity.
Split Tip: Tip with multiple channels for multi-function catheters.
Different tip shapes and sizes are achieved using specific molds and molding processes. Catheter tip forming machines are often equipped with quick mold changes to accommodate different production needs. In addition, the machine’s operating parameters, such as heating temperature, heating time, and molding pressure, can be adjusted to suit different material properties and desired tip shapes.

Catheter Diameter Reduction
cathetermelt angle tip
cathetermelt soft tips

Conduit Diameter Reduction

Angle Tips

Soft Tips

Variable Catheter Lumen Diameter

Central Venous Vatheter Melt Tips

Radius Tips

Catheter tip forming machines are indispensable for high-standard catheter production, and they help manufacturers ensure product quality and compliance with stringent medical safety requirements.

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