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Catheter Melt is one of medical equipment manufacturers and famous with their catheter tipping machine.

Tip Forming Medical equipment

Tip Forming medial equipment are used to precisely shape the tip of catheters. It equipped with a high-precision thermal control system. That allows the plastic catheter tip to be heated to softness by thermoforming technology. And then molded into the desired shape. After molding, the tip is rapidly cooled to fix the shape. Moreover, our machine also have computer-controlled interfaces, programmable temperature and pressure settings, and mold change systems for producing different tip configurations.

Catheter Bonding Equipment

Catheter Bonding Equipment are used to join the catheter or balloon to the catheter body. These machines use delicate heat treatment processes, such as thermal welding or bonding technology, to ensure a strong and smooth bond between the balloon and the catheter. Futuremore, The temperature, time and pressure during the welding process must be precisely controlled to ensure consistency and strength of the joint.

the balloon bonder

Hole Drilling equipment

Hole drilling machines are used to create holes in specific locations of a catheter. It may be used for drug delivery, internal catheter ventilation, or other clinical needs. At the same time, Hole drilling Machines provide precise control of hole size and position to ensure that the hole is drilled without compromising the structural integrity of the catheter.

Hot air laminator

Hot air laminator make use of the different melting point of ploymer materials, as well as the sensitivity of materials to temperature, different principles of thermoplastic, to combine two or more materials together. 

Tube Cutting Machine

Tube Cutting Machines are used to accurately cut plastic or metal tubing to manufacture parts of medical catheters. They can cut tubing of various lengths and diameters with high precision and repeatability. Tubing cutters are typically capable of handling a variety of materials including PU, nylon,  PTFE, stainless steel, and more. High-end tube cutters may include automated feed and take-up systems, as well as programmable cutting lengths and speeds.

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