How To Choose Medical Tube End Forming Equipment

When choosing a medical tube end forming equipment, in addition to price, there are many other key factors to consider that will have a direct impact on long-term productivity, product quality and overall operating costs. The following are the key factors to consider when selecting a medical tube end forming equipment:

Total Cost of Ownership

Consider the purchase price, operating costs, maintenance costs, spare parts costs, and possible upgrade costs.

Performance and reliability

  • Accuracy and repeatability : Selecting a molding machine that offers high accuracy and repeatability is critical to ensuring product quality.
  • Machine stability : The stability of the molding machine’s performance over a long period of time.

Maintenance and support

  • Ease of maintenance: Select a molding machine that is easy to maintain and clean to reduce downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Supplier support: Ensure that the supplier can provide timely technical support and service. CatheterMelt offer 1 year warranty and life long consluting service.

Future Expandability

Upgrade and expansion capability : Select a molding machine that can be upgraded or have additional functions as business expands. CatheterMelt CM110-3C medical tube end forming equipment has strong functions. It can make peek material tube end forming, balloon end forming, soft tip, sheath tip, dilator tip, closed end tip, angle tip, multi lumen tip and so on. It suits 2-42Fr catheters.

When selecting a medical tube end forming equipment, a thorough cost-benefit analysis should be performed and decisions should be made based on product-specific requirements and long-term business objectives. It may be necessary to consult industry experts or work closely with the manufacturer to ensure that the equipment selected meets all your needs.

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